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In Recovery? Stay Sober with a Relapse Prevention Plan

Get yourself a solid relapse prevention plan and support network!...   Anyone who has ever tried to quit using drugs or alcohol after an extended period of use knows how tough it can be just to get sober. However, staying sober can be even harder unless you have a strong relapse prevention pla... Read More

What is the Implant for Opiate Addiction?

Learn all about the implant for opiate addiction...   The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) is calling Probuphine a "game changer" in the fight against opioid dependence. Here's what you need to know about the implant for opiate addiction. Recovery from opiate dependence is a long and di... Read More

Signs and Symptoms of Heroin Overdose

The 411 on signs and symptoms of heroin overdose....   Recognizing the signs and symptoms of heroin overdose could be the key to saving someone's life. In fact, the symptoms of heroin overdose are the same as overdosing on other types of opiate painkiller medications. The problem arises when s... Read More

Detox Symptoms

Learn more about drug detox symptoms and why it is imperative to seek medical care...   Addiction is a brain disease that affects millions of people around the world on a daily basis. Quitting is not always easy, and many people are actually afraid of it. Detox symptoms, withdrawal, and abstin... Read More

Alcohol Inpatient Treatment Centers Las Vegas

Find alcohol inpatient treatment centers Las Vegas at   It is very difficult to watch a loved one's life fall apart because of alcohol abuse or addiction. Alcohol inpatient treatment centers in Las Vegas provide inpatient care that is designed to meet t... Read More

Narcotic Rehab Centers

Why Should You Consider Attending Narcotic Rehab Centers?...   If you or your loved one is suffering from narcotic drug addiction or abuse you may have considered attending a narcotic or opiate rehab center. However, if you have not considered treatment for a narcotic drug addiction, you shoul... Read More

Flakka Drug Treatment in Las Vegas

Designer drugs have come and gone throughout the past several decades, and along with synthetic marijuana, flakka is the latest one that has risen in popularity. Flakka that can be snorted, smoked, injected or ingested, much like marijuana, with the exception of snorting. . It can be combined with o... Read More

Las Vegas Suboxone Withdrawal Treatment

Las Vegas Suboxone withdrawal treatment has become a necessary service due to the amount of addicts growing in the area. Suboxone is a dependency treatment drug often used with opioid detoxification. Many detox protocols for heroin, morphine and other opiates can include the use of Suboxone to help ... Read More

Las Vegas Addiction Recovery Programs

Numerous Las Vegas addiction recovery programs and resources exist to help people overcome addiction to drugs or alcohol. SMART Recovery is one of those programs that enable addicts to deal with their addiction and begin or maintain the path to sobriety for the long term. SMART is an acronym for sel... Read More

Moral Reconation Therapy

Moral Reconation Therapy is a common cognitive behavioral method used in treatment centers during the recovery phase. This process follows four points that let addicts think about why they started abusing substances. If you think you could benefit from Moral Reconation Therapy, addiction treatment L... Read More

New Heroin Generation LAS VEGAS

It is possible to recover from Heroin Addiction with the proper treatment, support and recovery tools. Drug Treatment and Alcohol Rehab Centers, offers the drug addict a program of recovery and maintenance support necessary to do more than survive their drug addiction' they offer hope for long term ... Read More

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