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Some people think only certain kinds of people get addicted to drugs and alcohol. This is patently untrue. Everyone from housewives and business executives to police officers have all found themselves in the throngs of addiction. Sometimes, it starts by being prescribed medication for surgery or anxiety.

Other times, people may think they are in control until they lose a close friend, face divorce or have to deal with other major stress. The emotional trauma drives them to increase their intake, and before they know it, their drinking or drug use is completely out of control. At Las Vegas Drug Treatment Centers, all kinds of patients are treated on both an in and outpatient basis.

Friends, family, and coworkers may be negatively affected by drug use. It's common for those who use drugs to begin lying, showing up late or to experience extreme mood swings. This can lead to broken family relationships, destroyed friendships and job loss. All of these occurrences make a person feel even more afraid and alone. Drug treatment facilities understand how drug use quickly destroys even the most successful life.

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Why People Resist Treatment

You might think you don't have the time to go to a Las Vegas Drug Treatment Centers. This is actually a form of denial. Deep inside, you are probably aware of how your drug use has increased over the past months and years. You realize it is going to keep getting worse before it gets better. Rehabs understand this is a scary place to be, and that is why they seek help.

Myths About Drug Rehab

There are many myths surrounding drug and alcohol abuse. These myths are ingrained in our culture and taken as truth. The experienced medical professionals at Drug Rehab Centers in Las Vegas NV actively try to fight these myths, because doing so means more people will get help.

  • Myth: Quitting Cold Turkey Is the Only Way That Works: It's true that some people have quit drugs and alcohol cold turkey. However, the number who were successful in the long run is very small. This is because quitting the use of drugs is only part of the problem. The other issues that need addressing are the life triggers that drive people to use drugs and alcohol in the first place, and a Las Vegas Drug Rehab Center can be beneficial in finding the root cause of drug abuse.
  • Myth: Strong People Can Quit on Their Own: Science now understands that addiction changes the brain. This is one of the reasons most addicts need more of their chosen drug to get high as time goes by. Your brain starts to think being high is a normal state and fights to remain that way. This is why the compulsion to use drugs is so strong for an addict.
  • Myth: You Should Only Need Rehab Once: Drug addiction is a chronic disease. So is alcoholism. Folks who use often wind up making their entire lives fit around their drug use. For some people, one time at rehab is simply not enough. This doesn't mean they failed any more than a diabetic who misses an insulin dose has failed. It simply means they need more help.

Drug Treatment Centers Las Vegas

Las Vegas sits in Clark County, Nevada, and is known throughout the world as a gambling and nightlife mecca. The city's metropolitan region is home to almost two million people and has been featured in numerous films and television shows.

Las Vegas is home to numerous parks, golf courses, and community centers. It also has several museums and performing arts centers. Even folks who don't want to gamble will find something to do in the city or in its surrounding communities. Because of the prevalence of alcohol and a lifestyle dedicated to letting go of inhibitions, drug, and alcohol abuse problems in Las Vegas may be difficult to spot.

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