New Heroin Generation LAS VEGAS

It is possible to recover from Heroin Addiction with the proper treatment, support and recovery tools. Drug Treatment and Alcohol Rehab Centers, offers the drug addict a program of recovery and maintenance support necessary to do more than survive their drug addiction' they offer hope for long term sobriety. (702) 944-8762.

A new generation of Heroin drug addicts is being shaped Las Vegas. It's time to rethink the stereotypical image of the long haired, grunge attired heroin junkie. Think kids in a Nevada school yard. Experts say they are the new target market for drug dealers. Because of the addictive powers of Heroin, it's the fastest growing drug problem facing families and law enforcement officers in the Valley.

The Villain

Heroin is an offspring of morphine, a substance that is extracted from certain varieties of the Poppy plant. Like most illegal substances, Heroin goes by many names some of which are; Black Tar, Big H, Hell Dust, Chiva, Horse, Negra, Smack and Thunder. As a powder, it is either brown or white. Black Tar Heroin is a black sticky substance. The drug user can choose the method of ingestion. It is usually snorted but can also be injected or smoked. It is extremely addictive and the most fast acting of the opiates. Often rewarding the user with a surge of euphoria.

Once a drug addiction to Heroin is established, the craving for the drug is unrelenting and insatiable. Regular drug use and abuse increases tolerance levels ramping up demand which creates a very greedy Heroin drug addict.

Heroin Rehab

Doubts that drug rehabilitation is possible for heroin addiction keep many people from seeking the treatment for drugs that they so desperately need. Substance use and abuse is a chronic disease and like most chronic diseases, sometimes there is a cure, other times the patient can live a full and productive life by making certain lifestyle changes or being proactive about getting treatment for drug addiction. And, like any chronic disease, some people will die before the disease can be brought under control. The bottom line is that treatment for drug addiction is essential before a cure, remission or rehabilitation can be expected.

Studies have shown that at least one third of people who enter drug and alcohol treatment centers have a higher possibility of maintaining consistent sobriety; another third relapse and eventually return to sobriety while the final third relapse and never make it back into treatment. The question is; to which group do you want to belong?

The road to recovery from any drug addiction can never be a hit or miss approach. A combination of factors must work together to make rehabilitation possible. They include:

  • An individualized drug rehabilitation treatment plan
  • Administration of the drug treatment plan by experienced medical professionals.
  • A strong desire to recover from the stronghold of drug addiction.
  • Network of support such as family and friends, sober coach and long term outpatient participation.

Although Heroin addiction is arguably one of the most destructive drug addictions, it does not have to be a lifetime sentence. Recovery from addiction is possible, if you or someone you love is struggling with heroin abuse, maybe it is time to get help. When you contact a facility, they will help you to find a drug treatment and recovery center that is right for you. (702) 944-8762.

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