Las Vegas Addiction Recovery Programs

Numerous Las Vegas addiction recovery programs and resources exist to help people overcome addiction to drugs or alcohol. SMART Recovery is one of those programs that enable addicts to deal with their addiction and begin or maintain the path to sobriety for the long term.

SMART is an acronym for self-management and recovery training. This program focuses on behavioral and cognitive therapy that has been based on scientific research conducted on addiction. The SMART Recovery program is designed to be similar to 12-step programs, but uses only a scientific approach in dealing with addiction No religious affiliation or belief system is required.

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The 4 Points

SMART Recovery focuses on four key areas for addicts:

  • Building motivation
  • Coping with urges
  • Problem solving
  • Lifestyle balance

There are six stages that the addict must move through before the program is completed. A person may move at his or her own pace and progress as quickly or as slowly as necessary to meet the expectations of each phase. The person may not skip over phases because they are designed to be a progression to the path of living addiction-free.

The stages are as follows:

  • Precontemplation - the person doesn't realize or admit that there is an addiction problem; this stage happens before the person seeks treatment, but may continue in treatment as well
  • Contemplation - the person begins to understand that they have an addiction problem, but may not want to give it up; in this stage, the person reviews the positives and negatives of addiction
  • Determination - the person begins to change and move away from addiction by creating a plan he or she can follow
  • Action - the person develops new methods of dealing with addiction, which often includes seeking out drug treatment centers
  • Maintenance - in this stage, the person works to maintain the changes he or she has made in life
  • Graduation - the person has completed the necessary stages and is ready to leave the program

With this recovery program, relapse is not considered a failure. It is viewed as a chance to learn and make changes. The person isn't required to start from the beginning but can pick up at the last stage and learn what led to the relapse.

Other Albuquerque relapse prevention programs include Narcotics Anonymous (, in which addicts share experiences and figure out why they started using drugs. Don't wait to seek help. Contact Las Vegas drug detox centers today!

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