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Drug abuse and addiction is one of the most difficult challenges that one can face. It is an epidemic that affects all walks of life. This disease causes much pain and suffering to the afflicted, their loved ones and our society. Drug abuse can take over the brain, destroy the body and repress the spirit. Just like any other deadly illness, it needs holistic treatment before it is too late. If you are still alive, it is not too late.

Las Vegas Drug Treatment Centers provide individualized analysis, top-level facilities, skilled doctors and medical staff as well as continued support to guide you or your loved one to a fulfilling life in sobriety. The integrated treatment methods were designed by compassionate and understanding staff and have been proven successful in combating addiction. If you or someone you know needs help, feel free to call us anytime at (702) 944-8762.

Should I Consider Rehab (for myself or a loved one)?

Not every drug user is necessarily an addict. However, many drug users do not realize the full extent of their illness until it becomes painfully obvious. Don't wait until you hit "rock bottom" before you get help. Provided below is a list with some questions to help you assess yourself or your loved one.


Drug Rehab Centers in Las Vegas, NV have many addiction rehab programs that are designed to help any drug abuser through any stage of their addiction. The first step we take is to perform an evaluation to create a personalized treatment plan for the patient. In many cases, we may recommend our detox services. For real recovery to start, the drugs need to be out of your system. During the withdrawal period, medical supervision is often necessary.

After detoxification, they offer various lengths of outpatient drug rehab as well as residential inpatient treatment. These programs include a variety of therapeutic sessions and educational classes to help break the cycle of addiction. Some of the services provided include individualized treatment plans, personal counseling, prevention of relapse, 12-step programs and reintroduction to society.

Don't Wait Until Rock Bottom

The longer you wait, the stronger your addiction becomes. It has been empirically proven to be a progressive disease. This means that, over time, addiction can only get worse...and never better. If you are calling for a loved one, Las Vegas Drug Treatment Centers can provide advice to help with the intervention process. Call (702) 944-8762 now while there is still time.

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