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The path to beating addiction is filled with successes and failures. While relapse is common, it doesn't have to be part of life forever. Whatever the addiction, there is a program that can help. Fortunately, there are more drug treatment centers available now than ever before to fight the battle toward recovery. While many addiction treatment centers practice medically-assisted treatment, others have embraced an abstinence-based program.

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Withdrawal and Detox

Withdrawal from drugs or alcohol can be difficult. A person suffers physically and mentally, with the effects being sweating, nausea and excessive anxiety and may include chest pains, respiratory difficulties and vomiting. When a person enters a treatment facility, they are checked over by a qualified team of doctors, nurses and counselors to make sure they are physically able to handle the effects withdrawal will have on their body.

Blood work will be done, and urine samples will be taken to see if there is anything in their system that could be potentially harmful. In some cases, patients may need additional medications given to them at Las Vegas Drug Treatment Centers, such as anti-anxiety drugs or intravenous fluids.

Types of Treatment: Inpatient and Outpatient

Those patients who participate in an inpatient treatment program for their addiction find themselves in an environment where they are expected to follow the same rules as others in the facility. Because addiction hits all areas of socio-economic backgrounds, it's possible people will be in treatment with folks they may otherwise never meet if leading their normal lives. This is often used by the staff as an opportunity to help people expand their horizons, letting them get to know someone who may be different from them in every way except for the fact they are both addicts.

Most inpatient treatment programs range from 30-90 days and are often followed by a limited outpatient treatment program. Patients in this setting may expect to attend regular individual and group counseling sessions, along with occasional outside activities to keep them involved in the community and as a reward for a job well done during the week

The patient completes evaluation and is then accepted into a rehabilitation program. The person begins treatment with detoxification after their addiction assessment. This portion of the treatment is arguably the most challenging part. The medically supervised treatment is developed by determining the length of time a person has been on a particular substance.

The quantity and frequency of use are both taken into account when developing the detox program. The entire treatment program operates under the supervision of a licensed staff member trained in addiction counseling. All physical and emotional symptoms are managed throughout every stage of treatment.

Outpatient treatment programs provide a greater sense of freedom to patients and are also used as after-care following an inpatient program. Those recovering still participate in 12-step programs and therapy sessions, and an individual may be medically monitored as well.

Adolescent Treatment

Addiction Treatment Centers in Las Vegas NV offer adolescent outpatient treatment programs for addiction. These programs address behavior associated with addiction, including self-harm such as cutting and mutilating one's self, eating disorders, negative body image perception and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

While the primary condition to be admitted is substance abuse or chemical dependency, these secondary conditions will often also be addressed by the treatment team. These programs may last 6-8 weeks and consist of three meetings weekly, with teens learning coping skills, confidence and self-esteem strategies.

Winning the War

Patients in Addiction Treatment Centers fighting drug addiction need to remember it's not about winning the battle, but winning the war. The goal is to win more battles than are lost, and if this happens, treatment will be a success. To begin your journey to success and reclaim your life, call Las Vegas Drug Treatment Centers at (702) 944-8762.

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